About Thyme Catering


Large Event Catering

It’s your event and you want it to be perfect.  From the music, to the table cloth, even the weather, everything about it is a reflection on you — especially the food!  Why?  Because the food is what your guests will talk about later.  It needs to be exceptional  and that’s exactly what About Thyme Catering delivers!

About Thyme Catering, Inc. is a fully operational catering and event planning company that is primarily focused on the sports and entertainment market and corporate dining. Our mission is to exceed client expectations by providing unparalleled food and hospitality management. We do this by building and enhancing solid customer relationships, which enables us to deliver innovative solutions, and service tailored to each client’s needs. We continually look within the food service industry to provide each customer with cutting edge culinary presentations as well as service, second to none. With undeniable style and unfailing quality, About Thyme Catering, Inc. offers superior service and food untouched in the industry.