About Thyme Catering

About Us

Why Us?

We are uniquely suited to make your company’s event successful. Our equipment is one of the things that sets us apart. Serving thousands of fresh, hot meals in remote locations requires an investment that we have made over our twenty years in business. We create food that is fresh, crisp and beautifully presented every time and arer able to safely transport our food to any location you wish.

Our size is also an advantage. We have the equipment, manpower, and resources to handle events of any size.  Our experienced team of managers will be there when you call and carefully supervise every detail of your big day. The full focus of our energy will be on creating an occasion you won’t soon forget.

Mission Statement

Exceeding Client Expectations by Providing Unparalleled Food and Hospitality Management.

This mission statement is About Thyme’s true purpose. We seek to provide our clients with cutting edge culinary presentations as well as service, second to none. Our staff shows a passion for the client, the industry, the company and does whatever it takes to succeed.

Corporate Philosophy

Our first and foremost philosophy at About Thyme is to build strong, lasting relationships by providing creative, custom food services to each and every client that we serve.

About Thyme Catering employs people who truly enjoy their work. Each team member is an exceptional person and shows a passion for the client, the industry, the company and does whatever it takes to succeed.  Both customer relations and staff relations are important as we strive in providing each team member with the most wholesome, satisfying, and profitable environment available. We want to be a vital member of our community and support local, and national charities by giving our time and our resources.

Good food is good business. This  will always be one of the fundamental cornerstones of our business. Let us share out vision and passion of food with you.

These are several words, thought, and phrases that describe how we manage this business. Honesty, Success, Loyalty, Humility, Always handling event situation to customers satisfaction, Being prepared, Expecting the unexpected, Timeliness, Respect for those around us.